What are the available subscription packages?

There are many service packages supporting different customer needs including home consumers and business users. Available packages vary in uplink/downlink speed and data capacity that users are allowed to consume in a given time frame. Please visit our website to identify the YahClick service partner operating in your country. National Service Partners can provide all the details pertaining to the service plans and pricing available in your country.

Can I change my subscription?

Unless you have signed a contract for a specific plan that has an associated promotion, you are free to upgrade to a higher speed plan or downgrade to a lower speed plan. Your monthly invoice will be adjusted according to the number of days you spent on each plan.

How can I decide which plan is most suitable?

There are many plans that are available. YahClick service partner sales representatives are trained to help their customers identify the most appropriate plan. Generally speaking, if you are a very light user, you can choose a low speed plan. If you are a very heavy user, a high speed plan may be more appropriate, as it will allow you a large data download allocation enabling you to enjoy your service to the maximum.