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Your internet made reliable

YahClick Enterprise is high-speed internet beamed directly to you from our satellites in space. This means you can get a fast, reliable internet connection where you live and work, allowing you to stay online even during network failures and times of crisis.

Give your business the advantage

Using cutting-edge Yahsat satellite technology, YahClick services can enhance productivity with high-speed, cost effective and an always-on connection. With easy-to-install equipment, the packages can be customised to suit your unique business needs, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Stay connected everywhere

With the launch of the latest Al Yah 3 satellite, YahClick provides extensive reach and broader coverage to multiple countries. This allows people and businesses to connect to a wider network, especially in remote locations.

You can monitor your farming business in real-time. You can enhance and grow your agricultural processes. You can open yourselves to a wider market. You can maximize your farm’s yield.
You can grow your banking business anywhere in the world. You can reach a wider customer base without limitations. You can have the most reliably connected ATM ecosystem. You can reliably connect between branches.
You can expand the education system beyond the classroom. You can connect to upgrade to a broader, more dynamic curriculum. You can improve the current teaching and learning process. You can connect with other teachers, experts, and students in real-time, wherever they are.
You can connect public services to remote areas. You can connect government services between each other, wherever they are. You can increase the government’s operational efficiency. You can have a fully integrated government network.
You can connect to upgrade healthcare services. You can connect specialists with patients as if they were face-to-face. You can connect clinics with faster diagnostics and test results. You can connect clinics to doctors with specialised expertise.
You can meet the increasing needs of your mobile-connected guest. You can connect devices, places, people and data throughout hotel properties. You can connect the guests and staff of remote lodges.
You can monitor your business in real-time. You can predict failures before they occur. You can have more control over your ecological environment. You can monitor every aspect of your mining business operation.
You can expand your broadband footprint. You can have an always-on network. You can increase your customer base. You can have online infrastructure that is flexible and agile.

Enterprise Packages

We understand that every business needs customized solutions for their broadband connectivity, specially made to meet budgets and enhance productivity. YahClick has a suite of scalable products and applications that can be tailored to your business. 

Service Plans

  • YahClick Enterprise 150GB
  • Suitable for 1-10 person operation with low – medium download requirement. Eg. Agriculture, hospitality*
  • YahClick Enterprise 200GB
  • Suitable for 10-20 person operation with medium download requirement Eg. Education, healthcare*
  • YahClick Enterprise 300GB
  • Suitable for 40+ person operation with medium – high download requirement Eg. Government, Mining*
  • YahClick Enterprise 500GB
  • Suitable for 100+ person operation with high download requirement Eg. Banking, Telco*

*All figures and estimates are indicative only

Managed Solutions

Key Benefits of YahClick Managed Solutions for Service Partners

  • Get High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Ka-Band capacity over Al Yah 2 and manage your own capacity
  • No upfront CAPEX required by the Service Partner to start selling connectivity services
  • Quick to deploy
  • Commission, control and monitor your own remote sites
  • Design and configure your own IP addressing scheme
  • Have full control of your capacity and create your own contention ratio
  • High level Quality of Service (QoS) control using system features
  • Direct connection through satellite to subscribers
  • Create private networks
  • Offers higher uplink speeds
  • Address enterprise market needs
  • Flexible Ramp Up Model
  • All-inclusive Pricing Structure



Insure your productivity and profitability against internet disruptions

Even the most reliable satellite internet connection is subject to extremes of nature. But in the event of this rare phenomenon, YahClick Enterprise protects your business against revenue or productivity loss.

YahClick Insure offers you unlimited high performance internet with a convenient range of subscription plans based on your usage requirements.

With YahClick Insure, you pay only for the days you actually use it, be it one day, one month or one year*.

 *Monthly subscription required.

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