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YahClick Enterprise is a joint venture between the leading global satellite operator, Yahsat, and Hughes Network Systems (HUGHES): a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS). YahClick delivers high-speed internet connectivity beamed directly to you from our satellites in space. This means you can get a fast, reliable internet connection where you live and work, allowing you to stay online even during network failures and times of crisis.

Give your business the advantage

YahClick combines Hughes’ deep expertise as the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services with Yahsat’s unique position and knowledge as the leader in satellite broadband solutions across the world: from Africa to the Middle East; Central to Southwest Asia.

 Combining Yahsat’s cutting-edge satellite technology and extensive coverage across its fleet with YahClick’s ka-band coverage, YahClick Enterprise specialises in providing tailor-made solutions that greatly enhance productivity; doing so with high-speed, affordable and reliable connections. With easy-to-install equipment, all YahClick Enterprise packages can be customised to suit your unique business needs, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Stay connected everywhere

With the Al Yah 3 satellite, YahClick provides extensive reach and broader coverage to multiple countries. This allows people and businesses to connect to a wider network, especially in remote locations.

Yahclick retail solution supports a fully managed enterprise grade service for extending corporate applications to remote branches or franchises.
You can grow your banking business anywhere in the world. You can reach a wider customer base without limitations. You can have the most reliably connected ATM ecosystem. You can reliably connect between branches.
You can expand the education system beyond the classroom. You can connect to upgrade to a broader, more dynamic curriculum. You can improve the current teaching and learning process. You can connect with other teachers, experts, and students in real-time, wherever they are.
You can connect public services to remote areas. You can connect government services between each other, wherever they are. You can increase the government’s operational efficiency. You can have a fully integrated government network.
You can connect to upgrade healthcare services. You can connect specialists with patients as if they were face-to-face. You can connect clinics with faster diagnostics and test results. You can connect clinics to doctors with specialised expertise.
You can meet the increasing needs of your mobile-connected guest. You can connect devices, places, people and data throughout hotel properties. You can connect the guests and staff of remote lodges.
You can monitor your business in real-time. You can predict failures before they occur. You can have more control over your ecological environment. You can monitor every aspect of your mining business operation.
You can expand your broadband footprint. You can have an always-on network. You can increase your customer base. You can have online infrastructure that is flexible and agile.

AI Yah 1

Launched in April 2011, Al Yah 1 was the first satellite launched by Arianespace for the United Arab Emirates. It offers Ka-band for government solutions and Yahlive services, beaming high-quality free-to-air TV channels to a culturally diverse audience.

Airbus & Thales Alenia Space
52.5° E





AI Yah 2

Al Yah 2, launched in 2012, offers YahClick services – providing high-performance satellite broadband for homes and businesses in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South West Asia. Its broadband coverage extends throughout rural and remote areas.

Airbus & Thales Alenia Space
47.5° E



AI Yah 3

Launched in 2018, Al Yah 3 extends Yahsat’s commercial Ka-band coverage to 20 additional markets. Reaching 60% of Africa’s population and more than 95% of Brazil’s population.

Orbital ATK
20° W



Our Coverage


For banking and finance industries, connectivity is more important than it has ever been, with secure and reliable connectivity being critical. Communications need to be assured not just for ATMs and Point of Sales transactions, but also between the institution’s headquarters, data centers and branches. There is a constant demand for more sites and more bandwidth to support the operational data and financial transactions in these networks.

Additionally, innovations such as mobile payments and mobile banking are shifting the focus from the traditional financial institutions network towards connectivity-based applications, especially in emerging markets.

Interested in learning more about how YahClick can help your business?

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• Why Reliability and Security are Key

• Seamless Network and VPN Integration - “Are We Using Satellite?”

• Scalable and Future-proof Connectivity

• Cost-effective Satellite Services

• Reliable and Efficient Datacasting

• Serving the Unbanked in Emerging Markets


An IT manager in the retail store or restaurant space needs to provide highly reliable credit card processing, hosted Wi-Fi Hotspots, voice connectivity, in-store broadcast advertising, cloud circuit and a host of other basic services. And all for less money than last year’s IT budget.

Yahclick retail solution supports a fully managed enterprise grade service for extending corporate applications to emote branches or franchises.

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• Lower cost

• Ease of operation

• Maximized revenues

• Secure redundancy

• Reduced risks


International Oil & Gas companies rely on YahClick and its partners to deliver mission critical communications and IT services to remote locations under the harshest conditions. Downstream, YahClick services ensure connectivity and highest availability for your PoS. With a portfolio of hybrid solutions, YahClick provides the flexibility in technology platforms to ensure maximum uptime for your business.

Why choose YahClick satellite network for your energy sector needs?

YahClick has years of experience providing the bespoke satellite services for the key operators in the Oil & Gas market. We cover the full spectrum of communication demands from exploration in harsh locations to secure payment at your retail location. Our sophisticated trusted network simplify and strengthen your end-to-end network management and day-to-day operational activities so that you can concentrate on your core business.

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• Digitalization of the Oil & Gas Industry

• Customized offerings

• Cost management

• Cost-effective scalability

• Enhanced crew welfare satisfaction

• Reliable support

• Secure communications


YahClick partners with government agencies in Middle East, Africa and South-West Asia to help citizens, officials, and armed services connect to programs, resources, and to each other. They all rely on our secure, cost-efficient, high-performance satellite networks to power applications ranging from homeland security and remote military operations, educational, health and civil services to disaster preparedness and recovery.

With YahClick, the country can have nation-wide coverage from Day One.

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• Universal Access

• Defense

• First responders

• Education services – e-Learning

• Health Services – e-Health

• Government Services – e-Government

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