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YahClick is a high performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users in the Middle East, Africa, Central and South West Asia. With YahClick, subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Internet anywhere in the coverage area.

YahClick will deliver a truly cost-effective broadband service, through a modem and easily installed small satellite dish, and supported with in-country technical, operational and customer care.

Coverage maps shown are for illustration purposes only, please contact us for more information


With YahClick, a subscriber can enjoy access to high speed broadband internet service anywhere in the coverage area, regardless of how many people live in the area, or whether the location is on top of a mountain, on the beach, or in the middle of a forest. The same YahClick high quality broadband service is available to subscribers in each country of coverage independently of the quality of traditional internet service in that country or the subscriber's physical location. YahClick allows subscribers to truly enjoy high speed broadband no matter where they are within the YahClick coverage area at an affordable cost.