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Enterprise Solutions

Satellite has long been the only option for certain key vertical markets when it comes to fulfilling their remote communication needs. YahClick, a new satellite service provided by Yahsat, is the answer for reliable Internet broadband connections in demanding markets across the Middle East, Africa and Central and South West Asia.

As well as being a solution for primary broadband Internet access, YahClick also offers broadband backup access to ensure connectivity and help businesses stay online during network failures and in times of crises. YahClick’s flexible and variable service plans are available for different high speed broadband Internet mainstream markets as well as niche segments which have more specific connectivity requirements.

Created for growing businesses, YahClick can help enhance your company’s performance with a high-speed, always-on connection that gives instant access to resources that are critical for success. Whether the subscriber is a single person office or a multi-site operation, YahClick delivers a suite of scalable products and applications to meet budgets and enhance productivity for increasing competitiveness in the marketplace.

Enterprise Packages

Service Plans

  • YahClick Enterprise 150GB
  • YahClick Enterprise 200GB
  • YahClick Enterprise 300GB
  • YahClick Enterprise 500GB

We provide customized business Internet plans. So, no matter how big or different your business, we have an internet plan for you.

Managed Solutions

Key Benefits of YahClick Managed Solutions for Service Partners

  • Get High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Ka-Band capacity over Al Yah 2 and manage your own capacity using the iDirect platform
  • No upfront CAPEX required by the Service Partner to start selling iDirect services
  • Quick to deploy
  • Commission, control and monitor your own remote sites
  • Design and configure your own IP addressing scheme
  • Have full control of your capacity and create your own contention ratio
  • High level Quality of Service (QoS) control using iDirect features
  • Direct connection through satellite to subscribers
  • Create private networks
  • Offers higher uplink speeds
  • Address enterprise market needs
  • Flexible Ramp Up Model
  • All-inclusive Pricing Structure



Insure your productivity and profitability against internet disruptions

When the Internet is down, the first thing to get affected is your productivity and ultimate profitability. Now you can stay connected despite Internet service cuts and protect your business against revenue or productivity losses with YahClick Insure.

With a YahClick Insure subscription, you get a highly reliable satellite Internet business continuity solution that is completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure or undersea cables. YahClick Insure offers you unlimited high performance internet with a convenient range of subscription plans based on your usage requirements.

With YahClick Insure, you pay only for the days you actually use it, be it one day, one month or one year*. Make unlimited Internet connectivity one less thing to worry about with YahClick Insure, the high reliability, high performance connection you can count on every time.

*Monthly subscription membership required.

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