Remote living with full connectivity

Carien De Villiers


For individuals looking to take advantage of the beauty and serenity of South Africa’s remote, rural areas, there is one major disadvantage - a lack of reliable internet connectivity. This is especially true for those residing around the mountainous region of Magaliesberg, an area that extends west and north from Pretoria.

CHALLENGE: Magaliesberg and Rustenburg are areas so remote that the residents have to travel to the local town to gain internet connectivity. One resident, Carien De Villiers, operates a farming business and also offers administrative contract work to corporates in larger cities, making access to the business world vital to her economic and personal wellbeing.

SOLUTION: The need for connectivity led Carien De Villiers to sign up to receive YahClick, offered via Vox, owing to its reputation of a reliable, high-speed, satellite broadband service.

RESULT: Today, Carien De Villiers is able to sustain her livelihood and remote living with full connectivity. A reliable satellite broadband service means that she can now carry out corporate contract work, check cattle stock prices, as well as keep in touch with her overseas-based son.

Living in the remote mountainous region of Magaliesburg, Carien De Villiers runs a small farming business, Thornsdale Farm. To keep her enterprise moving she needs reliable internet connectivity in order to receive regular updates on the prices of cattle and sheep and to send client proposals for her administrative contract work.

However, the valley is notorious for its isolated location, to the extent that many of the local residents have to walk up the nearest hill to receive a GSM connection, or drive to the local town. In an effort to ensure her economic and personal wellbeing, Carien chose to install YahClick’s satellite broadband service offered via Vox. Since installation in 2014, her remote living environment has dramatically changed. Today, Thornsdale Farm has become one of the few home-businesses that has round the clock connectivity in the area. Carien is able to manage her contract work for businesses in major South African cities, check livestock prices and stay informed without having to travel every week. In addition to this, YahClick has enabled her to stay in touch with her son who lives abroad via Skype.