Government Employees' Pension Fund (GEPF)

Sandi du Toit


CHALLENGE: Home to one of the world’s largest national pension funds, South Africa has 1.2 million people needing access to funds to enjoy daily retired life. However, an estimated 10% of the population that qualifies for a pension is unaware or unable to access it.

SOLUTION: An urgent need was to provide always-on broadband connectivity to allow real-time access to people’s pension, no matter how remote the location. Working with Vox, YahClick provided the perfect solution – vans specially equipped with a YahClick portable satellite, helping to connect the unconnected.

RESULT: Today 1.2 million members of GEPF and their beneficiaries can now gain access to valuable financial services thanks to GEPF’s connectivity via YahClick’s high-speed, reliable satellite broadband service.

South Africa’s Government Employees’ Pension Fund (GEPF) is one of world’s largest national pensions with 1.2 million individuals needing access to the fund to enjoy daily life. With workers and their beneficiaries spread beyond the big cities and towns, often in remote and rural areas with no access to connectivity, it is a huge challenge to connect individuals. In addition, an estimated 10 per cent of the population who are bene ciaries are either unaware, or unable to get access to pensions that they are entitled to. To facilitate the eficiency of South Africa’s government pensions administration, an initiative to reach the unreachable was launched, with pension representatives travelling to remote areas. However, access to the pension’s online system proved troublesome using traditional terrestrial mobile connectivity due to the poor infrastructure in remote areas. In order to help individuals access the pension fund, an always-on broadband connectivity solution was urgently required. Working with Vox, YahClick partnered with GEPF to deploy 11 specially adapted vans fitted with a portable YahClick satellite. Operating as pop-up offices, the YahClick Go service enabled real-time access to the government pension system. They enabled access in the remotest areas, unhindered by the likes of mountains and inclement weather, and were easily deployable.

Easily transportable, the vans o ered an auto pointing satellite solution, giving instant, fast and reliable access to the internet for the on board GEPF team, who were then able to assist their members and bene ciaries. The security and reliability of the service was especially important, given the sensitive and con dential nature of the business being conducted. As a result, the system allowed GEPF representatives to deliver full access to people’s pension information, no matter how remote the location.

  • 1.2 million members and bene ciaries can now access their pension fund internet via satellite broadband internet.
  • 10% of GEPF members who were previously unable to claim their pension are now a step closer to enhancing their lives.