Are there any promotional offers on service plan prices?

Service plans are generally based on a fixed monthly charge. Service Partners and/or YahClick may run promotions or subscription fee reductions from time to time.

When I get billed for the service, do I need to pay in advance?

For exact billing cycles and payment processes applicable in your country, please contact your local YahClick Service Partner. Generally speaking, billing will start upon service activation and will be prorated for the current month of service plus the next month in advance of service.

Are there any termination fees upon the service cancellation?

Any termination fees will be in accordance with the local YahClick Service Partners’ terms and conditions. If the subscriber has signed a fixed term contract (e.g. a 12 month contract) there will most likely be a termination fee if the service is cancelled before the contract expiration date. This is particularly true for service plans that have a promotional subscription or equipment offer.