How can I install the equipment?

The YahClick satellite dish and modem will be installed by a certified installer at a time that is convenient for you. The installer will secure the dish either on your roof or wall, or on a pole mount in the ground. He will then run all the cables to connect the satellite dish to the YahClick modem and your computer or laptop. Your computer needs to be equipped with an Ethernet network interface card. The connection enables you to have fast satellite Internet broadband speed immediately.

Can I install YahClick myself?

No. All installations should be completed by a certified professional installer. This will guarantee the best service quality of the system.

Can I take the satellite system with me if I move house or move to another town?

Certainly. All you need to do is contact your YahClick service partner. He will send an installer back to your location to disconnect the dish and modem and then re-install them at your new location. If you are moving to another town, the service partner may arrange for another installer to contact you once you have reached your new destination. Your Service Partner will be able to inform you if you need a different size dish at your new location.