What is the exact equipment required to obtain the YahClick service?

A subscriber needs some outdoor equipment that consists of a satellite dish of 74cm or 98cm width, a Block Up Converter (BUC) fixed on the dish, and a pole or a mount to support the dish. The user also needs some indoor equipment that consists of a satellite modem HN9600 for home users or the HN9800 for business users, and some cabling of the appropriate length to go from the dish to the modem located indoors that is then connected to the user’s PC/laptop. A user may also connect a wireless router to the modem to enjoy wireless access.

What is the difference between the Consumer Terminal and the Business Terminal (HN9600 and HN9800)?

The HN9600 is designed for home users. In an average home there will be 1 to 3 computers behind each modem. However, in a business environment where there could be 20 simultaneous PCs behind each modem, each operating a large number of user sessions, the HN9800 is the more powerful modem to handle this load. The HN9800 also has two LAN ports in the back so users are able to separate networks e.g. Finance and HR separate from Business traffic.

How does the antenna size affect service quality?

If the subscriber is located closer to the edge of the Ka-band spot beam, the larger 98 cm antenna may be required to ensure stronger signal reception and a better quality service. Also, a 2w BUC may be required to ensure return link availability on the edge of coverage even if a 74 cm antenna is used.