What is the YahClick service?

YahClick is a high performance, reliable internet broadband service provided by Al Yah Satellite Communication Company (Yahsat) using Ka band satellite technology with a coverage area of 28 countries. The service is offered through reputable Service Partners in each country. YahClick offers instant internet regardless of geography or location within the coverage area.

How do I know who is an approved YahClick service partner?

Please visit the section called Service Partners on this website for a full list of approved service partners within the YahClick footprint. 

Why choose YahClick from Yahsat?

Yahsat is a pioneer in offering cost effective satellite Internet services in more than 28 countries. Yahsat has been developing and implementing cutting edge satellite technology equal to what is currently available in the United States and Europe. The YahClick Internet service provides affordable high speed internet access to both rural and urban customers. Whether you are an individual looking to access the Internet at home or a major multi-national company needing to provide Internet access to hundreds of employees, there is a YahClick service plan that can deliver satellite Internet directly to you.

Will YahClick work in my country?

Although YahClick is high-end technology, it will work in the same way regardless of the level of telecommunications infrastructure available in any country of its coverage. Such systems have already been very successful in the United States where there are already more than one million satellite broadband subscribers in the world’s most connected country. YahClick is delivered through the Y1B satellite from Yahsat and ground equipment from Hughes Network Systems, who have already shipped more than 1.5million user terminals and hub equipment all over the world. Hughes already successfully operates its own Ka band broadband service called HughesNet in the US, with half a million subscribers. YahClick subscriptions in each country will be offered through highly reputable and experienced service partners, all of whom are trained by Yahsat and Hughes Network Systems to operate the systems effectively. The local service partners will handle all customer enquiries, sales, installation, billing, and customer care.

What is the difference between YahClick Broadband service and other Terrestrial Broadband services?

The YahClick service uses satellite technology to provide a cost effective broadband internet to subscribers who cannot obtain high quality terrestrial services. Terrestrial broadband services provide the internet via fiber, copper, cable and/or wireless. YahClick is independent of terrestrial networks and is therefore more reliable and not subject to breakage, vandalism or theft.

What is required to access the YahClick satellite connection?

In order to have a satellite Internet connection in your home or office, you will need to have a small satellite dish (antenna) attached to the roof/exterior of your home/office and a small satellite modem connected to your computer. You will also need a YahClick subscription plan.

Do I still need a dial up modem and telephone line for this service?

No. There is no phone line or dial-up data modem required to use the YahClick service. With the YahClick service you can have broadband satellite Internet access in your home/office regardless of where you live and without tying up your phone lines.

How much does YahClick cost?

There are several components of the cost. These components are the cost of the equipment (satellite dish and modem), installation charges and monthly subscription charge plus applicable local taxes. Each service plan has a different price. Please contact your local YahClick service partner to obtain full pricing in your country.