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How does Satellite Broadband Internet work?

Data communication via satellite is not much different to a land based data service, at least from the end-users’ standpoint. The key thing to remember is that once the satellite system is configured by the installer, the service acts nearly identically as any other data service and may be configured as such.

YahClick uses the power of state of the art satellite technology to send and receive high speed Broadband internet signals using a small dish and modem. This user equipment communicates with an orbiting geostationary satellite 36,000 kilometers above the Earth’s Equator. The satellite transmits and receives its information to a single location called the Network Operations Center or NOC (pronounced “knock”). The NOC itself is connected to the internet (or private network), so all communication made via the internet flows through the NOC.

How Does YahClick Satellite Internet Technology Work?

High performance, reliable and wide reaching broadband internet for everyone

YahClick is offered through a new generation of satellites that leverage the higher bandwidth available in Ka-band. It is the first satellite service in the region to offer internet connectivity through Ka-band multi-spot beams, with reusable frequencies that make more satellite capacity available to users at a lower cost.

These high throughput satellites are based on a multi-spot beam payload and are optimized for delivering satellite broadband services. The main advantages over conventional satellites include:

  • Smaller antenna size (74 cm) and low power radio transmitter driving down equipment costs.
  • Cost effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-use in spot beams.
  • Faster and more reliable internet access speeds.
  • In a frequency re-use scheme, the same frequency is re-used numerous times over different geographical areas, much like cellular phone technology (GSM cells)
  • Frequency re-use directly translates into increased throughput
  • There is more Ka-band available than previously used satellite bands Ku and C band. This means more users can benefit from satellite services from a single satellite.

Our Satellite Internet Service

How will Yahclick work for me?

The core of YahClick’s mission is to provide a wide range of flexible internet service plans with speeds, prices and service levels tailored to meet individual user and market conditions.

YahClick’s Service Partners will offer user hardware and satellite internet service plans tailor-made for specific markets and user segments, from basic internet access for a home user to high speed internet service plans for the business user.

Users will be able to instantly connect to the internet via a small satellite dish and modem anywhere within the coverage area. They will be able to access a whole world of internet services without having to wait for terrestrial infrastructure to be developed. Even when it rains, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained and not lost or disrupted.

YahClick has appointed leading locally based service partners in each country of coverage who understand the unique local requirements, bringing fast and efficient communications to many regions where the demand for reliable internet is growing. For more information on the YahClick service, prices and plans, please contact your local service partner. Find your local YahClick Service Partner here.

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